A Joyful Heart Pre-order Your Copy

Are you ready for some joy in your life?  Pre-order your copy of A Joyful Heart.  Pre Order your copy here.

Wednesday Words of Wisdom

They say what we go through makes us stronger. I am praying for everyone that is going through a difficult time. Whether it be your health, financial or whatever the need, I am praying! Hang in there! I'm hanging in there with you. I believe better days are ahead! You are strong! You can do... Continue Reading →

Staying Grounded

Throughout our daily routines and schedules it is easy to get lost in the hustle. I have found that I must set aside time to do the things that I enjoy, be with the people I love and focus on what is important to me. These things help keep me grounded so I can focus... Continue Reading →

Trapped Spirit

Have you ever felt like someone is standing behind you looking over your shoulder. A feeling so real, you can feel their breath? After losing my husband to suicide, I could feel his spirit was still with me. At first, I thought it was just because I wanted him to be there. But then, unexplainable... Continue Reading →

A Joyful Heart To be Released in September

I am so excited about the upcoming release of our new anthology set to be released in late September. As we prepare for the big day, I'd like invite you to Like my Author Page @cindyannrogersauthor on Facebook where I'll be sharing updates and insights. I

Thank You to all Healthcare Providers

Our Healthcare providers that work at the bedside are tired. They are overworked, short-staffed and are dealing with so much death and dying unlike any they've ever experienced. They find it is hard to keep up with the increased acuity of acutely ill patients. I pray for all the people affected by this horrible Covid... Continue Reading →

Joyful Heart

So excited!! I have submitted my entry for this awesome book! Can't wait for it's release. Coming September 2021. God is Good all the time!

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