Call For Authors

Participate in the upcoming Anthology: Return to Me - My Scars are Healed Return to me is a collaboration of authors sharing their stories of finding themselves again. Have you gone through something in which you lost sight of who you are? Sometimes things happen in our lives which cause great pain and loss. Divorce,... Continue Reading →

Machine Embroidery Supply List

On today's episode of Simply Handmade we shared everything needed to get started doing machine embroidery. As promised the list is available below in PDF form for you to print or save. I hope you enjoy listening to our podcast! If you'd like to be a guest email me at machine-embroidery-supply-listDownload Listen to... Continue Reading →

Gifts of Creativity

Are you ready? Ready to share our gift of creativity! Do you have a gift of creativity you'd like to share? II am now hosting a podcast where we can create, inspire and empower each other. I love to create things, to work with my hands. Creating is a gift from God, and also passed... Continue Reading →

I AM That Girl

I AM Trusting as I place my trust in God. I AM Happy and share happiness and smiles with others. I AM Amazed lift high the Amazing Grace of Jesus. I AM Tenderhearted and care for others tenderly. I AM Gracious and share gratitude for all my blessings. I AM Improving daily and assist others... Continue Reading →

My Granddaughter’s Sweet Bailey

My granddaughter loves dogs, especially her sweet Bailey! I created several Notebooks/Journals for her featuring Bailey on the cover. Can't wait to get the copies I ordered for her. Aren't these precious! They are filled with blank pages so can be used for school, journaling or notes. They are available on Amazon if you'd like... Continue Reading →

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