Thank You to all Healthcare Providers

Our Healthcare providers that work at the bedside are tired. They are overworked, short-staffed and are dealing with so much death and dying unlike any they’ve ever experienced. They find it is hard to keep up with the increased acuity of acutely ill patients.

I pray for all the people affected by this horrible Covid virus! I pray for all the Healthcare workers who are stressed and exhausted by the countless hours spent caring for patients. I pray for all the lives lost and for the families of those lost. I pray that soon we can see an end to the Covid surges that burden our healthcare systems.

I ask you to pray for all healthcare providers, patients and families that are affected by Covid. I also ask that if you have ideas on how to reduce the stress on our healthcare systems, please comment on this blog or send me a personal message.

I am a healthcare provider, a Respiratory Therapist. I work at a facility in middle Georgia. Covid has taken a toll on our healthcare team, just as it has on so many. If you see a healthcare worker, please thank them for what they do.


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