A Joyful Heart – Family Full of Joy

There’s a whole lot of inspiring and encouraging stories in this book! But I will say that one of the most special things about this book is FAMILY! I was reading through some of the chapters last night and it hit me! Our Bramblett family is all over it! Thank you Shelia Sheila Farr for putting this amazing book together! Just look at the back cover of the book; Shelia Farr, Grace Johnston and myself are all decedent’s of the Bramblett Family! As you read our stories you’ll find mention of our family! I think Virgil and Jewel Bramblett would be very proud as three of their children are a part of this book! Tom Bramblett (Pepaw) and Stella Chesney are mentioned in the book and Grace Johnston is a co-author. Wow! And best of all, our book just made #1 International Best Seller in Christian Self-Help!! Thank you to all who purchased a digital copy! We expect books to be here early October!


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