Cage Fight – Fight Club on Clubhouse

I was blessed to participate in the live chat room “Cage Fight – Fight Club” on Clubhouse on Thursday night, January 5, 2022. This room is led by the amazing Visionary Author, Shelia Farr. Several other of the Co-Authors for Cage-Fight were also on the chat including Dr. Rene Minter, Sher Graham, Karen Beck, Cary Thomas, Kimberly Woodcock-Ladner.

Cage Fight is an Anthology and is written by several authors which share their own stories about overcoming the battles in their mind. My chapter is titles, “The Quiet One”.

If you are on Clubhouse, follow our room “Cage Fight – Fight Club” or look me up @cindy.ann

Watch for more opportunities for joining us as we share more about Cage Fight!


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