I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

One of my favorite scriptures I often use to redirect my thoughts so that I can focus on positivity. An affirmation given to us by God which can be found in Psalms 139.

I begin my day with affirmations. I Am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made! I am made by God in his own image! Every cell in my body is perfectly healthy. I Am accomplishing my goals and following my dreams. I Am successful.

I had the opportunity to speak at Christian Friends Baptist Church in Hawkinsville, Ga for the Celebrate Recovery group on Tuesday. This was my first time speaking publicly to share my story. As I looked around the room, I noticed a couple of ladies crying. I don’t like to make people cry, but I knew my story resonated with them. After I finished, two ladies came up to me and shared how they were touched by my story because they too experienced many of the insecurities and feelings of judgement by others I spoke about. This warmed my heart and confirmed that I was supposed to be there in that meeting speaking to this group.

I also had a young man ask to speak with me. He had a lot of questions; I could tell he really needed to talk to someone. I sat with him and listened. He asked me, “how do I to talk to God”.

I told him that it’s easy, just think of God as your best friend. Anything you would tell your best friend you can tell God. Just talk, he’s always there, he’s always listening.

He then told me he didn’t know how to pray.

I answered, “There is no right or wrong way to pray. Anything that’s on your mind just ask God to help you. Ask God to lead you, guide you and he will.”

He asked for prayer and asked God to come into his life before we left.

To know that other people reading or hearing my story were blessed makes my heart happy! I am blessed and reassured.

I AM THAT GIRL. I AM Trusting, Happy, Amazed, Tender-hearted, Gracious, Inspired, Reassured and Loving.


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