I AM That Girl

I AM Trusting as I place my trust in God. I AM Happy and share happiness and smiles with others. I AM Amazed lift high the Amazing Grace of Jesus. I AM Tenderhearted and care for others tenderly. I AM Gracious and share gratitude for all my blessings. I AM Improving daily and assist others... Continue Reading →

My Granddaughter’s Sweet Bailey

My granddaughter loves dogs, especially her sweet Bailey! I created several Notebooks/Journals for her featuring Bailey on the cover. Can't wait to get the copies I ordered for her. Aren't these precious! They are filled with blank pages so can be used for school, journaling or notes. They are available on Amazon if you'd like... Continue Reading →

A Journal of Love

A journal is a place where you can pour your heart out, sort your emotions and share your story. I love to journal and I'm so happy to share this Journal, 100 Ways To Say I Love You. My favorite page is #10, "You're like a present I can't wait to open" because this is... Continue Reading →

Get your Digital Copy Today!

The wait is over! You can finally step into the ring TODAY! Help us in our fight to become #1 best-sellers by purchasing your digital copy of Cage Fight. Remember, once you purchase your copy, be sure to access the book so the purchase counts towards our best seller campaign. Feel free to buy multiple... Continue Reading →

Journal With Me!

Are you interested in writing your own story or journaling? I invite you to follow my Facebook Author Page. I will be sharing Daily Journal Prompts and I'd love to have you join me there! Click here for my Facebook Author Page: Cindy_Ann_Rogers Author page This is a fun way to explore ideas and re-discover... Continue Reading →

Cage Fight – Fight Club on Clubhouse

I was blessed to participate in the live chat room "Cage Fight - Fight Club" on Clubhouse on Thursday night, January 5, 2022. This room is led by the amazing Visionary Author, Shelia Farr. Several other of the Co-Authors for Cage-Fight were also on the chat including Dr. Rene Minter, Sher Graham, Karen Beck, Cary... Continue Reading →

January 2022 Happenings

It's so hard to believe it's already a New Year! I'm so excited about so many things and have many events planned for this month! Daily Journaling prompts- I'll be sharing a journaling prompt each day for you to write about. To participate all you have to do is to Like my Facebook page -... Continue Reading →

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