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Are you interested in writing your own story or journaling? I invite you to follow my Facebook Author Page. I will be sharing Daily Journal Prompts and I’d love to have you join me there! Click here for my Facebook Author Page: Cindy_Ann_Rogers Author page

This is a fun way to explore ideas and re-discover yourself!

I’ve also created a blank lined journal which you can purchase to write your journal entries is or even your own story.

Let’s have some fun and get to know each other! Come write with me and share your own stories!

Watch for more exciting things to come!


Cage Fight – Fight Club on Clubhouse

I was blessed to participate in the live chat room “Cage Fight – Fight Club” on Clubhouse on Thursday night, January 5, 2022. This room is led by the amazing Visionary Author, Shelia Farr. Several other of the Co-Authors for Cage-Fight were also on the chat including Dr. Rene Minter, Sher Graham, Karen Beck, Cary Thomas, Kimberly Woodcock-Ladner.

Cage Fight is an Anthology and is written by several authors which share their own stories about overcoming the battles in their mind. My chapter is titles, “The Quiet One”.

If you are on Clubhouse, follow our room “Cage Fight – Fight Club” or look me up @cindy.ann

Watch for more opportunities for joining us as we share more about Cage Fight!

January 2022 Happenings

It’s so hard to believe it’s already a New Year! I’m so excited about so many things and have many events planned for this month!

  1. Daily Journaling prompts- I’ll be sharing a journaling prompt each day for you to write about. To participate all you have to do is to Like my Facebook pageCindy_Ann_Rogers, Author.
  2. Best In Business Magazine – My bio for the anthology Cage Fight will be featured in this magazine set to release Jan 5, 2022.
  3. Clubhouse – Catch a live drop-in chat where we’ll be discussing Coping Skills on Clubhouse Jan 5, 2022, at 9 P.M. E.S.T. If you don’t have Clubhouse; download the app and create your profile. Search for me @cindy.ann
  4. Coffee Conversations with Sandy- Saturday Jan 8. 2022 4 P.M. E.S.T. This is a Facebook Live Podcast where we will be sharing about our upcoming anthology, Cage Fight.
  5. Cage-Fight Book Launch- January 27th
ClubHouse- Jan. 5, 2022
Best In Business – Jan. 5, 2022
Book Talks – Jan. 8,

Jan. 27, 2022

Watch As I Make A Hooded Towel Baby Gift

One of my favorite crafts to do is applique. I love to create things on my embroidery machine. There is great satisfaction in completing a project.

To Make a Hooded Towel you will need:

1. Bath towel

2. Hand Towel

3. Sewing Machine

First thing you will do is to cut the hand towel in half lengthwise. If you want the hood to be larger, you can opt to leave it as one piece.

If you are placing a design on the hood do this now. I use an embroidery machine and choose a character to applique on the hood. Once your design is complete you are ready to sew up the hood.

To make the hood, Fold hand towel lengthwise with right sides (side the design is on) facing. Place the raw edges on sewing machine beginning at the center point of the towel and sew a 3/4 inch seam along edge. Cut thread and remove from machine. Turn hood right side out. The finished edges of the original hand towel should be at the bottom. You will be sewing this edge to your large bath towel.

Fold bath towel in half to find center. With finished sides or right sides together, pin the hand towel to bath towel matching up the centers of each. I usually trim the edges of the hand towel to make it neater and to keep it from being too thick to sew through.

Once pinned, sew the hand towel to the bath towel and then turn it and do a zig zag stitch to help keep two sides from coming undone with wear and washing.

Your Hooded towel is complete!

These make great baby gifts and gifts for kids. For the best fit for kids 8 and below, cut the hand towel in half then complete your design. For older kids, leave hand towel as one piece of cut a larger design area (3/4 of towel width). For adults, leave hand towel as one piece.

See video below for how to make a Hooded Bath Towel. This video is a bit long, but it shows the entire process of making this Baby Elephant Hooded Towel.

Thinking Like a Cat

I am currently writing a new book, Trapped Spirit. I chose to tell the story through the eyes of a cat. I’ve never told a story from a cat’s perspective so this should be interesting!

Cats are typically positive animals. Have you ever noticed when you are rubbing or cuddling with them the energy they give? I love to hear their purring. There’s no greater feeling that when they nudge you back and love on you. Cat’s have a vibe that makes you fall in love with them!

Cats can also sense negative energy and try to avoid it. In Trapped Spirit, there is a negative spirit lurking around. Morris, the cat, is the first to discover that it is there. He tries to help his friends and warn them anytime he sees the spirit.

The spirit doesn’t want Julie and her family to stay in the home and does everything to force them out. At first there are just hints that the house is haunted. But when that doesn’t work the spirit turns the heat up.

If you have any feedback on how to think like a cat. I’d love to hear from you. Comment on this post if you have any ideas for thinking like a cat!