Creating the She Shed

Finally, after moving a year ago we are creating a She Shed for Raised Bridges. We will be repurposing an existing 12 X 24 building with attached covered patio into our creative space.

Once we got everything moved out, Randy did some re-wiring to add more outlets and lighting for the space. We then calculated how much insulation and dry wall needed to make this space more comfortable. One wall was already insulated and covered with Peg Board, we left this as is since it will be perfect for the space.

We purchased enough dry wall to cover the three remaining walls and ceiling at Lowes. Lowes did not have the insulation we needed but we found it at Home Depot! We ended up getting 21 sheets of Dry Wall and 3 packages of 88 sq ft R30 Insulation.

Luckily, we had saved up the points earned on our credit card and cashed them out for Lowes gift cards, this really helped with our purchases. I recommend when you are deciding on a credit card to choose one that earns points! Big Win!

I was also able to cash in some Amazon Credit card points and purchase some Peg Board organization items. I will be using a turquoise color scheme in my She Shed so I chose these items.


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